Secrets, Science & DYNAMITE!

Anthropologist Betsy Dunn came to Skylar, Colorado for a fresh start and a new position at the Rocky Mountain Institute of Science. But just as her first dig begins, the school's eccentric benefactor returns, bringing explosive danger and unexpected mysteries.

Meet Jeremiah Tally. Over a century ago, his grandfather helped found this silver-boom town. And today, "JT" is Skylar's most famous citizen, and the institute's greatest benefactor, funding many projects, including a new state-of-the-art radio telescope array.

But JT's belief that a surprising number of problems can be solved with a few sticks of DYNAMITE, leaves Betsy to wonder, is he merely reckless, or is there a method to the madness? Her search for answers will lead to secrets from the past, hidden deep underground, and perhaps, even in the skies above.

The Prospector "Secrets, Science & Dynamite!" is written by Darren Neely, with breakdowns by Chad Kaberlein and Philip Burnette, pencils by Philip Burnette.